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Last updated on March 8, 2022

In divorce proceedings where there is a sizable marital estate, it is important that you have an experienced lawyer with the ability to ensure that your property interests are protected. High-asset cases can become quite complex and often contentious legal matters, and having a reputable high net worth divorce attorney can go a long way toward securing a positive result.

Every high-asset divorce case is unique, and there is no single solution that will resolve every situation. At DeRoberts Law Firm, founding attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts takes the time to fully understand your goals and expectations. He works closely with you to develop a customized plan designed specifically to accommodate your requirements.

Working To Ensure A Fair Division Of Marital Assets

In some instances, divorcing spouses will focus primarily on the physical assets, such as real estate, home furnishings, vehicles and other personal possessions. There are many other types of assets that can be included in the marital estate, however, that are extremely important in these matters. Retirement accounts, pensions, stock options and future income from executive compensation packages can all come into play in the process of dividing the marital estate.

The most difficult part of resolving many high-asset marital estates is the process of identifying which assets are part of the marital estate and assigning a fair value to them. Jeffrey DeRoberts works with an extensive network of experts who can research and value all types of assets. He also works closely with accountants and other professionals to help gain a complete financial picture before the asset division begins.

If there are disputes over whether a particular asset should be considered marital or separate property, DeRoberts Law Firm will pursue every available option in an effort to resolve the matter in your favor, whether that means keeping an asset out of the marital estate or fighting to have it included.

Discuss Your Case With A New York Business Valuation Attorney

Jeffrey DeRoberts has a considerable amount of experience handling cases involving the valuation and distribution of privately held businesses. He has business valuation experts with experience across a broad range of industries, including medical or dental practices, professional services such as accounting, construction businesses, law practices and many others.

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