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Last updated on March 8, 2022

The primary consideration following a divorce or separation where children are involved is to do whatever is in the best interests of the child. Child support payments are designed to assist the custodial parent with the costs associated with raising a child, including health care, education, child care and day-to-day living expenses. Violations of child support court orders are taken very seriously and failing to fulfill child support obligations can lead to severe, long-term consequences.

Child support attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts of the DeRoberts Law Firm has been helping clients obtain and enforce child support payments for more than 25 years. Jeff DeRoberts is a formidable child support advocate, offering strong legal representation to clients and compassionate guidance to families in turmoil.

What Are The Penalties For Failing To Make Child Support Payments?

The New York Department of Child Support Enforcement has several different methods for enforcing child support orders. You have several options for locating a nonpaying parent and obtaining overdue child support payments. Failing to make support payments may result in:

  • Income withholding – Following three missed payments, the obligated parent’s employer can be notified of the past-due support amounts and may be required to deduct both past and future payments from the obligated parent’s paychecks.
  • Garnishment of tax refunds and lottery money – State and/or federal tax refunds and lottery winnings of more than $600 may be garnished to satisfy back child support.
  • License suspension – Failing to pay child support for four or more months may result in suspension of the obligated parent’s driver’s license. Professional, business and recreational licenses may also be suspended.
  • Loss of credit – Credit bureaus can be notified if the obligated fails to pay two months of support or $1000. This may prevent the obligated parent from receiving extensions of credit.
  • Money judgments – The court often issues money judgments that last for 20 years and can be enforced when the obligated parent has the money to satisfy the debt.
  • Seized assets or property liens – After four months of past-due support, the obligated parent’s bank account may be frozen and liens can be placed on personal and real property.
  • Jail – As a last resort, failing to pay child support may result in jail time for the obligated parent.

Failing to make child support payments triggers a chain of events that often result in lost wages and significant financial hurdles in addition to the already established support payments. If you need help enforcing a child support order and obtaining unpaid child support, the team at the DeRoberts Law Firm is here to help you. We take the time to evaluate your case and provide the information and resources you need to make sure you receive what is rightfully yours.

Confidently Getting You The Child Support You Need And Guiding Families To Successful Resolutions

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