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Serious Defense For Marijuana-Related Charges

Last updated on March 8, 2022

Despite the fact that medical marijuana use is legal for medicinal purposes, New York’s marijuana laws are complex. If you are arrested for marijuana-related charges, do not take the charges lightly. The state still treats marijuana offenses seriously. Without the representation of an experienced marijuana defense attorney, you could end up in jail, have to pay large fines and suffer the consequences of having a criminal record. That is why it is important to seek the help of an experienced attorney.

Attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts has been fighting for clients’ freedom in federal and state courts since 1993. He knows the federal and state courtrooms well, and he applies his knowledge and experience to fight tirelessly for your rights and your freedom.

Seasoned Defense For Clients Facing All Types Of Marijuana Charges

If you are arrested for suspicion of a marijuana offense, you may find out that you are being charged with one or more of the following drug charges:

Marijuana charges are no joke. The penalties vary depending on whether you are charged under federal or New York state law. Don’t risk your future, trust attorney DeRoberts to provide the vigorous, aggressive defense strategy you need when you’re facing marijuana charges.

Marijuana Charges Can Have Serious Impacts On Your Future

Don’t make the mistake of believing that marijuana isn’t a “serious drug.” The police and courts in New York state and federal courts treat it seriously. A drug conviction for marijuana can follow you for years and impede your ability to find a job, an apartment, or negatively impact your life in other ways.

In order to successfully fight marijuana-related drug charges, you need an experienced marijuana attorney by your side. We uncover the facts and details of your case and find the holes in the prosecution’s case against you in order to minimize the negative effects of a marijuana arrest.

Our marijuana defense strategy often involves detailed interviews with you and potential witnesses, a review of the evidence against you, and a close look at possible alternatives to incarceration for individuals who are addicted to drugs. We fight for you to obtain the best possible outcome and minimize penalties.

We Can Help You Build A Strong Defense

At DeRoberts Law Firm, we understand the stress, anxiety and fears you may experience during this time. You aren’t alone. We will represent you aggressively and effectively create a strategic defense that will provide you the best solution to your case. Call 315-479-6445, or send an email for a free initial consultation.