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Protecting Your Parental Rights Following A Divorce

Last updated on March 8, 2022

As women have taken an increasingly prominent role in the workplace, their effectiveness as parents has continued to undergo increasing scrutiny during child custody proceedings. The argument is often that if a father who works full time is considered a less effective parent than a mother who stays at home with the children, the parents should be considered at least equal in a marriage where the mother also has a full-time job.

DeRoberts Law Firm in Syracuse provides strategic, proactive legal services in a broad range of complex child custody issues. The firm has a substantial background handling the most difficult custody issues for both mothers and fathers. Mr. DeRoberts’ strategic approach to these cases allows him to develop customized solutions designed to protect the mother’s rights without compromising the children’s best interests.

Dedicated Representation From A Respected Lawyer

Attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts has over 25 years of experience in New York family law. He understands what is on the line in these cases, and he knows the best approach to protecting a mother’s rights. He is highly regarded throughout the New York legal community as a tireless client advocate who works diligently to secure a positive result for his clients.

In every case, Mr. DeRoberts conducts a complete review of your case and works closely with you to develop a plan that seeks to protect your interests. As your Syracuse mothers’ rights attorney, he will build the most compelling possible case on your behalf and does everything in his power to resolve the case in a manner that most benefits you.

Speak With A New York Spousal And Child Support Attorney

In many cases where mothers’ rights are at stake, issues involving spousal and child support are often intertwined. Mr. DeRoberts works diligently to negotiate a settlement that puts his clients in the best possible position going forward. He is also a skilled litigator who is fully prepared to advocate for your position in court if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached.

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