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Last updated on March 8, 2022

DWI charges vary depending on your level of intoxication and each charge carries specific penalties that impact your future. It is vital that you understand what you’re facing and how your case will proceed through the criminal justice system. Attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts of the DeRoberts Law Firm dedicates his time to providing clients with the knowledge and resources they need to make the best decisions for their case. To ensure your case is handled promptly and skillfully you must consult an experienced DWI attorney to guide you in the right direction and minimize the consequences of your arrest.

Don’t Let An Aggravated DWI Charge Ruin Your Life

DWI charges are determined based on your blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of your arrest. All DWI charges carry serious penalties but aggravated DWI convictions result in potentially longer periods of incarceration and license suspensions as well as increased monetary fines. Under New York law, if your BAC is .18% or higher, you will be charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated (AGG-DWI). The penalties for AGG-DWI vary based on your prior DWI record and are as follows:

– First offense – This is a misdemeanor charge that carries a fine of $1000-2500 and up to one year in jail. Your license will be revoked for at least one year.

– Second offense – You will face a class E felony charge and be required to pay up to $5000 and may face up to four years in prison. If your second offense occurs within five years of your first offense, you will be sentenced to a minimum of five days in jail or 30 days of community service. Your license will be revoked for at least 18 months. If you are under the age of 21, you will lose your license for at least 18 months or until you reach the age of 21, whichever is longer.

– Third and subsequent offenses – You will be charged with a class D felony and monetary fines can go up to $10,000. You may also be incarcerated for up to seven years. For third offenses that occur within five years of your prior offense, you will face a minimum of 10 days in jail or 60 days of community service. Your license will also be suspended for at least 18 months.

New York has also implemented an ignition interlock program as a deterrent to drunk driving. Aggravated DWI offenses, as well as repeat alcohol or drug offenses that occur within five years of a prior offense, result in the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock on all vehicles that you own or operate. An ignition interlock prevents your car from starting unless you provide an acceptable breath sample. This device must remain on your vehicle(s) during the length of your license revocation and a probationary period after your license is reinstated.

Rely On A Syracuse Aggravated DWI Lawyer With A Proven Track Record Of Success

Aggravated DWI and repeat alcohol offenses often lead to significant consequences that impact nearly every aspect of your life. At the DeRoberts Law Firm, you receive the legal support and guidance you need in a compassionate and understanding atmosphere. We offer free initial consultations and flexible office hours for your convenience. Contact us online or call us at 315-479-6445 to speak with a member of our team about your case.