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First-Offense DWI: Arrested For Drunk Driving?

Last updated on March 8, 2022

It is unlikely that you will serve any jail time for a DWI (DUI) first offense. But there are many court-imposed penalties and other ramifications that come with a conviction. It is also a scary process, especially if you are like many of our clients who have never been in trouble with the law before.

DeRoberts Law Firm has helped hundreds of people in the Syracuse area and Central New York who faced a first offense of driving while intoxicated (DWI). Contact us immediately by calling 315-479-6445 if you were stopped, put through the tests and arrested.

Our experienced attorney will explain your rights and your options in a free consultation. Furthermore, he offers you experience, dedication and personal attention throughout the duration of your case. You can rest assured that you will never be passed off to an inexperienced associate attorney or expected to go to the negotiation table or courtroom with someone who is unfamiliar with your case.

Best- And Worst-Case Scenarios For First-Offense Arrests

You won’t typically serve jail time unless you had a very high blood alcohol content (BAC) or caused a serious car accident. You may, however, be required to have an alcohol addiction assessment. The most likely penalties for a conviction are license suspension, probation and fines. However, your car insurance may very well skyrocket and a criminal record could affect future employment, financing, college and other opportunities. If you have another DWI within the next 10 years, that first conviction will enhance the penalties for the repeat offense and may even result in you going to jail.

Our first priority at the DeRoberts Law Firm is to prevent a DWI conviction if possible. Criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey DeRoberts has more than 25 years of experience in drunk driving defense. While he offers no guarantees, he knows how to fight a DWI to beat the charges, get charges reduced or soften the penalties. A number of results are possible, including:

  • Dismissal — The county prosecutor drops the case (or a judge throws it out).
  • Conditional discharge — If you stay out of trouble for one year and follow certain requirements, the case against you will be dismissed and your record will be clean.
  • DMV Drinking Driver Program — Completing this course allows you keep your driver’s license.
  • Plea negotiations — Your DWI is reduced to DWAI (or a DWAI to a simple traffic ticket).
  • Jury acquittal — Jeffrey DeRoberts is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer who has fought and won DWI cases. He will help you decide if a trial is a good option for you.

First-Offense DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired)

DWAI penalties (fines, probation, license suspension) are lower than those for DWI. However, a DWAI conviction counts as a first offense if you are arrested within 10 years for an additional drinking and driving offense. Prosecutors resist pleading DWAI cases down. We may have to go to trial if we cannot negotiate a plea arrangement or get the charges dismissed.

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