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Drug Conspiracy Charges – Who Can You Trust?

Last updated on June 23, 2022

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A drug conspiracy case that is being prosecuted by either state or federal authorities is usually based on cooperating witnesses. The witness could be a buyer, another individual involved in the sale or drug distribution, or could be an informant. In any case, the witness will say things about you and what you did. Your criminal defense attorney’s job will be to disprove the testimony or cast doubt on the witness.

At DeRoberts Law Firm, our attorney has been practicing criminal defense since 1993. Attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts is a very familiar face in state and federal courtrooms. At our law firm, you will receive aggressive criminal defense against your drug charge and the personal attention you want when faced with a serious drug crime charge.

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New York Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer In State Or Federal Court

Drug trafficking and drug conspiracy are very similar charges. One of the differences is that a drug conspiracy case involves other codefendants. The charges are typically for greater amounts than a simple drug possession charge and the federal minimum penalties may apply. For example, the first offense for sale or distribution of 500 grams of cocaine (schedule II) is punishable by not less than five years and not more than 40 years.

We have experience negotiating with state prosecutors, as well as with federal prosecutors and other federal agencies. Often in a drug trafficking case, the solution lies in attacking cooperating witness testimony and attacking the evidence.

Drug Trafficking Defense – Attack the Evidence

A drug conspiracy charge is an evidence-based case. By the time you are charged, the DEA or other government bodies will have spent a significant amount of time gathering evidence against you. Our job will be to have the evidence thrown out or not allowed to be presented in court.

Attorney DeRoberts will work to attack the evidence in the following ways:

  • Use a skilled private investigator when necessary.
  • Analyze the physical evidence in great detail.
  • Examine each step of every law enforcement procedure.
  • Search warrant? Was it properly obtained, and was the search executed properly?
  • Witnesses? Were they coerced or are they lying?
  • Phone or wiretaps ? Were they executed according to the law?
  • Evidentiary rules? Make sure the chain of evidence procedures have not been violated.

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