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Understanding Your Rights Regarding Sole Custody

Last updated on March 8, 2022

When a parent is seeking sole custody of a child in a custody dispute, he or she may be motivated to do so for a number of different reasons, including getting more child support or having more control over the decisions that are made on the child’s behalf. In other cases, a parent may seek sole custody purely to spite the other parent.

In the eyes of the court, however, sole custody should be awarded only in cases where any other arrangement might compromise the child’s well-being. An extremely strong argument needs to be made to support a parent’s request for sole custody, and parents on both sides of these cases will need the best possible representation they can find.

Whether you are the parent seeking sole custody or you are the parent whose parental rights are on the line, it is critical that you have an experienced custody lawyer who understands the law and will fight to protect your interests. The DeRoberts Law Firm has extensive experience representing clients in all types of these cases, including the modification of custody orders after the divorce has been finalized.

Building A Compelling Argument In Your Sole Custody Dispute

In the process of making its determination about a sole custody request, the court will look at many different factors. In general, New York law supports the notion that a child’s interests are best served when he or she is able to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. Depending on which side of the case you are on, attorney DeRoberts will build a case that advocates for your interests as a parent.

Some of the more common claims that arise in sole custody cases include the following:

  • Domestic violence or sexual abuse
  • Drug use
  • Unsafe living environment
  • Associations with unsafe people
  • Criminal history

Representing Parents On Both Sides Of Sole Custody Disputes

No matter which side of the custody dispute you may be on, DeRoberts Law Firm is prepared to provide the focused, results-oriented representation you need. Every child custody case in New York is decided based on the child’s best interests. Attorney DeRoberts will present the most compelling possible argument to support your position in the matter.

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