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Last updated on June 23, 2022

A criminal conviction has the potential for long-term and major side effects. In addition to jail or prison, a criminal record can affect your current job, as well as future educational, employment and housing opportunities. You may face fines, restrictions on your driving privileges and many other hardships.

DeRoberts Law Firm, located in Syracuse, New York, can fight your criminal charges and the consequences. We do this by offering you experience, dedication and the personal attention of our attorney throughout the duration of your case.

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Defending Criminal Cases Since 1993

Jeffrey DeRoberts has been defending individuals in state and federal criminal courts, as well as providing representation in hearings before the Department of Motor Vehicles for more than 25 years. At DeRoberts Law Firm, we can help you with the following types of criminal charges:

  • Domestic violence – Defending those charged with a domestic assault or harassment, as well as defense of contempt charges for order of protection violations
  • Traffic violations – Defense of all types, from reckless driving to speeding, to leaving the scene of an accident
  • Theft crimes – From minor shoplifting to grand theft larceny
  • Weapon charges – Including illegal use, illegal possession and use of a weapon during the commission of a crime
  • Drunk driving (DWI) charges – Including repeat or felony DWI, how to fight your DWI, first-offense DWI charges, when to refuse or not refuse a DWI test, other alcohol-related charges, drinking charges for those under the age of 21, retaining your driving privileges and making sure you understand the potential DWI penalties
  • Drug crimes – Defense for drug possession, drug trafficking or drug conspiracy related to marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, meth, heroin and prescription narcotics
  • Criminal defense in federal court – Defending those with federal drug charges, fraud or other white collar crimes and making sure you understand the potential federal sentence for your charges
  • Sex crimes – Includes rape, date rape, sexual abuse and child sexual abuse, as well as prostitution/solicitation and indecent exposure
  • Post-conviction matters – Includes probation and parole violations, as well as expungements (clearing your record)

At DeRoberts Law Firm, you will find an attorney with the skill and experience necessary to handle your case and protect your rights.

Your Legal Advocate In Court

DeRoberts Law Firm understands the impacts a criminal charge can have on a client’s life and future. Lead attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts, has the experience and knowledge needed to help you navigate the legal system and find the best possible solution to your case.

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