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Paternity, Fathers’ Visitation Rights And Child Support Obligations

Last updated on March 8, 2022

DeRoberts Law Firm offers experienced representation in paternity actions and asserting parental rights when there is controversy about who is the biological father or what his role will be in raising the child.

Jeffrey DeRoberts is knowledgeable about the paternity laws of New York. Call our Syracuse office at: 315-479-6445 to discuss your rights and advance your interests. We have represented:

  • Men falsely accused of fathering a child.
  • Men asserting their fathers’ rights, when the mother is denying contact with a child.
  • Women seeking a paternity test to compel the father to pay child support.
  • Men who thought the child was theirs but recently learned it may not be.

Paternity Tests

A DNA test – a quick swab from the mouth sent off to a lab will determine conclusively whether that man is the father. If the paternity test is negative, the father has no legal obligation to pay support for or spend time with the child.

If you are married to the child’s mother, you are legally presumed to be the father. You must actively seek a paternity test to prove otherwise. If you have raised the child as your own and later find out that the child is not yours, depending on the age of the child, the court may rule that you are the legal father, even if the mother knowingly deceived you.

Asserting Visitation And Custody Rights

If you are determined to be the biological father, the mother cannot simply decide to cut you out of the picture. Mr. DeRoberts will help you petition the family court in the county where the mother lives, and represent you in proceedings to establish your parental rights. The court will consider many factors in granting shared custody or limited visitation rights. Once you have shown that you are a responsible and active parent, you can later petition for an increased parenting role.

We offer a free initial consultation and flexible appointments. Contact an attorney who knows your rights under New York paternity laws and has the experience to enforce them. Call 315-479-6445, or send an email for a free initial consultation.