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Working To Protect The Interests Of Same-Sex Parents

Last updated on March 8, 2022

People who are unfamiliar with the law can find it extremely difficult to understand their rights with regard to child custody and visitation issues in the event that the relationship should come to an end.

The 2011 legislation that was passed in New York regarding marriage equality has opened the door for same-sex couples to start families just as couples consisting of a man and a woman. A number of unique issues need to be addressed in cases involving the custody rights of same-sex couples; however, that often requires the attention of an experienced attorney.

DeRoberts Law Firm in Syracuse represents clients in all aspects of custody and visitation matters involving same-sex couples. Attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts stays abreast of all of the changes to the law in order to provide the best possible representation to every client.

Seeking Custody And Visitation Rights After The Dissolution Of A Relationship

A number of different factors are considered when determining custody and visitation after the end of a same-sex relationship. If one of the parents is biological to the child, the courts will often favor sole custody for that individual unless the other parent has formally adopted the child. If neither parent is biological, a more traditional joint custody approach is often employed.

Attorney DeRoberts conducts a complete review of your case to learn as much as possible about the relationship each parent had with the child, if there was a primary caregiver and any other information that could help build your case. The firm has an impeccable reputation for strong client advocacy and diligently pursuing every available option in search of a positive result.

Discuss Your Case With A Parental Rights Lawyer

DeRoberts Law Firm has a solid track record for helping clients resolve even the most highly contested custody disputes. While Mr. DeRoberts always seeks to help his clients negotiate an acceptable agreement with the other parent, he is fully prepared to take your case to court in order to protect your interests and the interest of your children. Call 315-479-6445 or send an email for a free initial consultation.