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Ensuring That Each Spouse Pays According To The Divorce Agreement

Last updated on March 8, 2022

When most people think about collecting money that was ordered to be paid in a divorce settlement, the first items to come to mind are typically child support and spousal support, but there are a number of other financial issues that are decided during a divorce that can have a significant impact on the spouses.

In some cases, one of the spouses may be relying on the funds from the sale of an asset to provide financial support during the transition back into life as a single person. If the other spouse doesn’t sell the asset, it can create severe financial hardship. In other cases, one spouse’s credit can suffer when the other fails to pay a joint credit card bill as ordered by the court.

Many people do not understand their rights in these matters and feel helpless to find a viable solution. The good news is that you have protection under the law, and remedies are available to ensure compliance with the court’s order. These cases can become quite complex, and having an experienced Syracuse family law lawyer representing you can help to ensure a favorable outcome.

New York Judgment Enforcement Attorney

DeRoberts Law Firm has extensive experience helping clients throughout central New York with the collection of divorce-decree judgments. Attorney Jeffrey DeRoberts conducts a thorough review of the divorce agreement to ensure that there is no misunderstanding with regard to the court’s intentions about which spouse would pay the debt. Once established, he takes the appropriate action to petition the court to force compliance with the order.

In cases where judgments have gone unpaid, Mr. DeRoberts can assist you with a variety of solutions that ensure you receive the funds you are entitled to under the order. Wage garnishment, interception of tax returns or lottery winnings, and other options may all be possible depending on the circumstances of your case.

Speak To An Attorney With The Ability To Protect Your Interests

DeRoberts Law Firm also represents the parties who have been ordered to pay a debt. If you are having difficulty fulfilling an obligation, Mr. DeRoberts can work to negotiate a solution that allows you to pay it in a way that is more manageable for you. If there is a question as to which spouse was responsible for paying the debt, he will work to resolve the matter in your favor.

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